Checklist: Before You Go on Maternity Leave

Before your actual departure, you’ll want to sit down with HR to outline all your leave logistics and fill out any required paperwork. 

  • What forms do I need to fill out and when? 
  • How will I receive my paycheck? If I’m eligible for commissions or bonuses, how will those be paid out in my absence?
  • How do I add my new baby to my health insurance?
  • How do I sign up for a flexible spending account for childcare?
  • How do I add my baby as a beneficiary on my retirement or life insurance policies?
  • When I return, where will I be able to pump? 
  • What happens if I or the baby have complications and I need to extend my leave?

 Get as much as you can in writing from HR, even just by sending an email saying, “I’m writing to confirm what we discussed today regarding my leave . . .” Include every specific detail you can; if your company’s handbook is vague (as most are), this is the closest you’ll come to an official and comprehensive policy.