Directory of Au Pair Agencies

Every au pair agency in the United States is approved by the U.S. State Department act as go-between for international au pairs and families.  There are fewer than 20, and they vary widely. (I’ve heard different people exalt and trash the same au pair agency.)  

Ask how many au pairs they have in your area.  An agency with a robust presence will make it easier for your au pair to acclimate and meet friends, and they’ll also be more capable of handling any problems that may arise.  

Different au pair agencies have different reach into sourcing countries, so if you have a specific country in mind, ask about the agency’s pool of candidates there and whether they have a staff person on the ground in that country. 

It doesn’t hurt to register with several (as long as you aren’t paying registration fees, which you can usually get waived) and just look for a candidate that feels right to you.


TIAPE | Walnut Creek, CA >>> WEBSITE

ProAuPair | San Clemente, CA >>> WEBSITE

Agent Au Pair | San Francisco, CA >>> WEBSITE

goAuPair | Murray, UT >>> WEBSITE

Au Pair in America | Stamford, CA >>> WEBSITE

Au Pair Foundation | Petaluma, CA >>> WEBSITE

Au Pair International | Boulder, CO >>> WEBSITE

AuPairCare | San Francisco, CA >>> WEBSITE

Cultural Care Au Pair | Cambridge, MA >>> WEBSITE

Cultural Homestay International | San Anselmo, CA >>> WEBSITE

EurAuPair | Laguna Beach, CA >>> WEBSITE 

Expert Au Pair | Saint Petersburg, FL >>> WEBSITE

GreatAuPair | Austin, TX >>> WEBSITE

InterExchange | New York, NY >>> WEBSITE

USAuPair | Lake Oswego, OR >>> WEBSITE